Buying a Media Center PC

Here's where the "offer inbox", opt-in advertising, comparison shopping, and recommendations all need to converge:

I am an in-market Media PC buyer.  I want to buy a computer that is fast enough to do video cutting, splicing, etc.... plug into my TV, VCR, DVD, etc...   power my wifi music system, etc.  I probably want to spend around $2000.  Storage is very important to me, but I don't think I need a whole terrabyte.

I will not be gaming...screen res has to be good, but doesn't have to be ridiculously cutting edge. 
I want to burn DVDs and CDs...speed not that important as long as it doesn't take 4 days to burn my home videos to DVD.

So...  here's the question.  Where do I go to put the HP, Dell, Gateway, Sony, etc. etc. offerings all next to each other and compare them side by side, feature for feature, and also get user feedback as well?

Is there a good tool out there for this?  I'd literally just like to see columns and rows of features that I can sort and add/subtract from to get updated pricing.

Seems like this should be out there, but I don't think it is.

If it isn't, user feedback is much appreciated on this post.