Dear Mr. Moritz...

Please bottle some water from your house and send it to me.

Hair clippings for me to wear as a good luck charm will also do.


Some people just have the magic touch...Google, Paypal, Yahoo!, and now YouTube, which just got acquired by Google.


We don't really need more money, but if you want to throw a token investment our way, I'm sure we could make some room for you in the cap table somewhere.

I don't really know what to make out of this deal.  Google has the money to spend, and I think this is a better investment than putting up municipal wifi towers up.  What else could they spend it on? 

The upside is that this is a foothold into our video/tv viewing experience and the associated ad revenue.

The downside is that they haven't proven that they quite understand how to do community yet. 

What's fascinating to me is that, at the time of the acquisition, they were "split internally" on whether to make an offer.  How they managed to spend a billion six on such a big question mark is beyond me, just from a decision making point of view, whether or not its a good idea.