Yahoo is a pain in the tag

Wait... so Yahoo! is still developing its bookmarks offering?  WTF?  Seriously...  WTF?!  They're even going to integrate the y! bookmarks into its search.  Do you really want search results mixed in with the bookmarks of Yahoo! bookmarks users or would you rather it be users?  That's like asking someone who has a BetaMax machine to record this week's episode of Lost.

A lot of people think that Yahoo! is such a great place for startups to wind up, but it seems to me that Google, more so than Yahoo!, actually integrates its acquisitions.  Urchin became Google Analytics.  Keyhole became Google Earth.  Flickr and became...  Flickr and, in-house competitors to Yahoo! Photos and Yahoo! Bookmarks. 
It's really unfortunate that we haven't seen more integration.  Hopefully, NewsCorp will do more with Digg.  Kinda sucks that Digg is going to fetch between $100-150 million... is so much more fundamental of a platform for search.  Eh...  hindsight is 20/20.  Sometimes you hold on and you wind up with a YouTube, and sometimes you wind up with a Friendster.

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