Avatar Crazy... Playing with the competition

So, you'll notice, if you're on my page, four new additions to my sidebar...   a Yahoo! Avatar, a WeeMee, a Meez, and a Zwinky.

We have competition, and if I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist, Voki will pretty much suck...  so instead, I'm embracing them.  Welcome to my blog.  What's that you say, guys?  Oh.. you didn't.  Nevermind.  ;)

So here's my quick take on them...   My Yahoo! Avatar is doing Tae Kwan Do at a school gym.  You might not know this, but I am, in fact, a blackbelt in TKD, and I practiced at Fordham so that's what's going on there.  He's cool... looks nice.   I wasn't a fan of the creation interface there... lots of options for everything... not a great way to sort through them, so admittedly, I just picked some of the first stuff I saw. 

In general, I guess my big issue with all of these pictures is that I'd like to do something more with them.  Pictures on my blog don't do a lot for me...  almost everything else in my blog is interactive in some way.   

So my WeeMee is feeling sort of Bond-like...  so I've got him in London with a martini and a suit.  Cute.  The WeeMee interface is really easy...   very quick to create.

My Meez looks very slick...   When I was creating him, he was awesome... he swung the bat and I could even put him in a flying car if I wanted.  I'm not sure why he's not moving now.  I thought he exported in an animated GIF.  Either way, he's not up to much now and that's kind of disappointing, even though he looks really cool.  UPDATE...  I missed the animated export... now he moves.

Now, my Zwinky is built in Flash, so I expect him to do more than blink, but again, not much going on there.  Plus, apparently, they have a thing against bald guys...  bald was not an option, so I might just take him off on principle.  Not only that, you need to install a search toolbar to get him...   He's been built by IAC to generate search traffic and I hear he does a good job of that, making him very profitable for them.  Good for him, but that's not really what I want him for.  I don't think you'll see too many updates from him, because I don't really want the toolbar.

So there you have it...   now there are five Charlies staring back at you on my blog.