Google Maps Pedometer

This is a neat little tool to figure out how far you went, especially if you're a runner or biker.

Last night, my fall softball team, "Not Enough Friends to Have Our Own Team" (so named because we all signed up with Zog Sports as individuals) won 12-3, pushing our record to 3-0.  I biked back to my eh-hem... second home from 145th and Lenox Ave.

Here's the route.

Its funny, because the driving directions put it at 14.5 miles.  Turns out I only did 12.9.  I guess I wasn't going as fast as I thought.  Still, it took less than an hour, so it was a good clip. 

One thing I noticed along the way was how much new build there is along Lenox Avenue.  Its really clean and there are a lot of new buildings going up.  I was pleasently surprised by how far that area has come... its definately been a few years since I was up there last. 

Here's my daily commute to work in the morning.  The last little turnaround is because I bike to the gym, work out, shower, then go to work.  And no, I don't bike on the Brooklyn, Queens Expressway... the BQE is elevated along 3rd avenue there.  I bike under it.