The Second Kryptonite Bike Scandal

So, I now have direct evidence that a Kryptonite lock is so crappy, that thieves will cut it in broad daylight at 5PM in the afternoon on 20th and Broadway, right across the street from a busy restaurant.

I might as well have locked it up with tinker toys and some bendy straws.  At least the thief would have hesitated for a moment out of sheer confusion. 

Yes, my bike got stolen.  So, you can add that to the list of things I've had stolen in the past two and a half months...     digital camera, wallet, and now, bike.

The funny thing is that I kinda wanted a new one and didn't want to go through the hassle of selling it.  I should start looking on Craigslist right now for my bike,  no?  Where else would thieves sell it?   

While Googling "bike lojack" I found the following idea on a comment page.  Pure humor and not such a bad idea:

Link: Halfbakery: Bike LoJack.

How about if the bike is pedalled away without entering the secret code (rear brakes twice, backpedal one revolution, then front brakes once) a spike shoots up out of the seat. Wouldn't have to go very far at all to retrieve your bike then...