King of the Nap

When I was a freshman at Fordham, I had, three days a week, an 8:30AM class and a 12:30PM class.  The 8:30 was 50 minutes long, which gave me a solid 2 1/2 hour window of time  until my next class.

What unfolded was the careful and intricate development of something that I would later term, "the Nap."

That idea would be improved upon and get replaced by "The Power Nap". 

You knew it was truly a Power Nap if there was drool on the pillow when I woke up.  I would walk in from the 8:30, drop my bookbag, take my shoes off and just fall onto the bed.  This would lead to a debate between me and my roommate Kevin as to why I wouldn't take clothes off and/or get under the covers.  Of course, that's the difference between a nap and actual sleeping, but we would debate the semantics of sleeping for some time. 

The Power Nap was a freshman year institution.  I felt so refreshed by it, but schedules changed, I'd have three roommates in sophomore year and the Power Nap fell by the wayside.  But, for a semester, like clockwork, I was King of the Nap and it was wonderful.

I bring this up, because I just played softball on Brian's team (which is why I wasn't at the boathouse) and I was tired from the sun and yesterday's long day.  I found myself with the inclination to return to the nap, proceeded to follow up on this inclination.  Clothes on.  Above the covers.  Drool on the pillow.  Like the eldar Ted Williams at the All-Star game, the Power Nap has reemerged to come out and see the fans one more time.