The Resolution Solution

At work, I use a fancy tablet with all the bells and whistles.  At home, I have a four year old computer that runs on hamster power.  My dad uses an abacus and AOL dial-up to connect to the internet.  Everyone's got a different way of getting on and, unfortunately, everyone's got their screen set to a different resolution.  So, while older computers were struggling to keep my columns squeezed next to each other, Fred, for example, was complaining that I was only using half the screen.

So, I went to Learning Moveable Type, as I do for all of my template questions and searched for "screen resolution."  Of course, Elise's site had the answer, this time written not by Ms. Moveable herself, but by Arvind Satyanarayan.   The solution was to make my widths relative to each other.  So, in my stylesheet, instead of making my container 800px wide, I made it 95% wide, so its fits across 95% of your screen.  I did about a 40%/60% mix for columns and we'll see how that works out.  So now, everyone should be happy, even if they're surfing via abacus.

I love making everyone happy.  Between the new two column format and the white on gray, I think the readability of my template has gone up tenfold.  Blogs tend to be much more effective when reading them doesn't burn your retinas.