OnlyOnce: Go Ahead...Make My Day

Link: OnlyOnce: Go Ahead...Make My Day.

After his fascination with the word "sketchball", Fred and I talked once about evaluating character based on some kind of a "sketchball scale".  I can't tell you who we'd put on the bad end of that scale, but Fred suggested that, at the very tip of the other end, on the good side, we'd put Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path.  I met him at the Union Square Ventures Christmas party and I'd have to say I'd agree.

So, it was very fitting when I read Matt's post from today about his attempt to be nicer to fellow joggers in Hudson River Park by waving at them.  Only 2 of the 30 even acknowledged him, but, undaunted, he still suggests, "go ahead -- be 10% more friendly or smiley today.  See what effect it has on people
around you.  Make someone's day!"

Please wave to Matt if you see him tomorrow morning.  Fred and I will vouch for the fact that he's not nuts.  He's just a really nice guy.