Washing Away

I was talking to people about the Hudson River yesterday--we did a Hoboken kayaking program with Sandy. Someone said that the river flushes itself out twice a day with the tides. I wish my life would do that sometime. When you work at the same job for a while, things start to build up--little things that you just can't seem to get off your plate. You have little scraps of paper scattered around your office to remind you of all the things you were going to do, but have yet to get to. It just doesn't stop, you know--especially in private equity, because everything is so long tailed. GPs raise money for months and months... unless you give them a quick no, they hang around the hoop forever. I think that's what I liked about school... the fact that things come to an end at regular intervals. Semesters end, years end. Every three or four months, your life came to a close and then you had a little bit of a new beginning. You'd get new people in your classes, and the new classes would take you new paths around campus, at different times. Your work from last semester was done--there was nothing more you could do. It had a natural end.

There's so much on my plate right now. I wish the semester would end so I could have a fresh start. Perhaps our move to CT will do the trick.