Blogs and Blogs and Blogs

There is so much out there that I don't know and it overwhelms me. That is probably the single most important piece of knowledge I have gained by getting into reading blog feeds. Jeff the Intern ( got me into FeedBurner after I mentioned to him that there were lots of VCs and technology people writing blogs. I downloaded it two weeks ago, and I'm hooked. Moreover, I'm hooked on just collecting more feeds. Today, I found a Fordham grad ( who founded the Silicon Alley Reporter. Turns out, he also practiced TKD ( with the club I went to that got its start at Fordham. Every new feed/blog I've found begets another two or three interesting blogs. The growth of interesting people you can get connected to is exponential, and all of these people have tangential interests--many in media and entertainment, technology, politics, etc. So, you could be reading some guy writing about Bluetooth, and then bounce over to his blog adapting a kid--because these are all real people with real lives. I don't have enough time everyday to explore all of the subjects I find interesting and read the thoughts of all the people whose brain's I want to pick. Part of the issue with reading blogs is that there's no limit to what you can read. When you pick up the Times, you can read it cover to cover and that's it. You're done. There's no more to read. With the internet, you can click around forever. How do you know when you're done reading blogs when every blog has a link to another interesting article they found and links to four more bloggers?