Color Coded Dating

So I pose this question: "Can a Friend Guy ever be a Guy Guy?"

What is it that makes a guy fit into, or fall out of, the catagory of potential date. See, men are different. For men, if we are single, any single female that we are hanging out with has the potential, at least at first, to be a potential date. There's never a question of whether or not a guy who asks you out is actually interested in dating you. But for girls, you never really know. You can be doing all of the dating type stuff... showing interest, asking them out, etc... and they'll seemlingly go along with the whole thing, until the point that you're sitting across from them and you realized, "Hey... wait a second... this isn't a date at all!"

I think we should all wear some kind of color coded clothing. Like, we all wear green if we're available for a date, or on a date. This way, when you show up to pick the girl up, and you're wearing green and she's not, you can say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was something else. My bad." People in relationships, they could wear red... you know, like for "stop." This way, you don't chat with someone for a 1/2 hour and then suddenly have them drop the b-bomb on you that they have a boyfriend.

That's not to say that people aren't worth just being friends with. They totally are, and there are some people I'd love to spend more time with, no matter what the kind of relationship--I just want it to be clear what people are getting into at the start.

Some guys would always get green shirted girls... like my college suitemate. I swear, he could be buying sneakers and he's come out of it with the phone number of some chick--a customer, clerk, or both. Me... I practically have to keep reminding people that I am, in fact, an actual male. Who knew that paying attention to women, showing a little care, and being courteous would make them confuse you for another woman? Maybe that's why I seem to have better luck with lesbians. Weird.