Sometimes, I think to myself

Sometimes, I think to myself that I could have better friends... that my friends are kind of unreliable, or just don't think of me as much as I think of them... aside from Deirg. But you know what... I was thinking, on my way to DTUT just now, that I can't really think of anyone that I can hold up and say that they are a really great friend to anyone else Most groups of friends that I know are groups really based on safety or proximity, rather than genuine esteem. People hang out with their roommates, or people that they work with, but really don't get too involved emotionally in each other's lives--at least not from what I can see. Half of the people I know can't even give a really basic description of the kind of people they hang out with, and know little about their friends but superficial details.

People are just not generally good at being there for other people. I think part of the reason is the generally low bar we hold each other up to. Like just now, I'm sitting here in DTUT--my window on the universe--as per usual, and there's this guy who generally accosts just about every halfway decent looking girl who comes in here. Yet, there he is, chatting it up with these two who just came in. In my eyes, he's borderline obnoxious... but here they are sharing their time with him. We're just so distracted by things that aren't really worth it that we shouldn't be putting our time into to be really good friends.

I dunno... I'm just feeling pretty jaded after this weekend...