I'm very interested in speaking with innovative people doing innovative things–and I want to be as accessible as possible.  Therefore, I'm using ScheduleOnce to request some time to sit and chat about their ideas. I'm hoping that it will cut down on scheduling e-mails. You're more than welcome to just send me a regular old e-mail at charlie@brooklynbridge.vc, but this tends to be faster. PR people, do not pitch me to cover your story, as this is my personal blog. I'm not a journalist.

I am, however, just one guy, and require some non-zero amount of sleep.  Therefore, I'll put some limits and suggestions around this: 

  • DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT A CONFIRMATION.  If you ask for a meeting, and I don't get to the request, that does not give you permission to show up at my office.  That's just creepy.  It doesn't show "hustle" it just shows utter lack of awareness of the dynamics around personal safety and private space.
  • I'm not going to take every proposed meeting.  The bar for meetings isn't lower–I'm just going to try to make it easier from a logistics standpoint.  So, I'm still going to give preference to the requests from folks whose deals I can add the most value to (early/seed stage tech deals), people who know others in my circle that can vouch for you, etc.
  • Please give me as much context around the meeting as possible...  Are you pitching?  Do you just want feedback?  What's the quick pitch of what your product does?  Do you know anyone I know?  All the standard e-mail pitch stuff-just now you can put it in the comments section of the request and we can try and save a few steps.
  • Please don't be offended if I a) decline because I respect your time and don't see getting to a "yes" on your business
  • Scheduling next week will always be easier than scheduling this week.  I get pretty booked up if it's just a couple of days in advance.