Questions a Potential Venture Fund Limited Partner Should Ask

I have a draft deck put together for a next Brooklyn Bridge Ventures fund.

I pretty much hate it.

Don't get me wrong--the numbers look great.  That's not it.  It just doesn't really get at what's really important.  I wasn't sure exactly how it missed, so I went back to first principles. 

What *is* really important for a venture fund?

It really only boils down to a couple of questions--and that's how I'm going to simplify the story of my deck.

  • Does the firm have access to quality deal flow?
  • Why would anyone want to take their money?
  • Do the expected returns make sense, given typical entry valuations for their stage, reasonable mortality rates, potential ownership, and rational exit sizes?
  • Are your interests aligned by way of the proper incentives?
  • Will the experience of partnering with this individual be a positive one?

That's basically it.  

Much better deck coming soon.