Subway Thumbing

On Sunday I wound up leaving my car by the office because of the NYC Marathon.  Last night I took it home, so this morning I find myself on the subway in a rare occurence.  It's unfortunate because today is an absolutely perfect day to bike.  Luckily I have to be in the city later so I'll have a chance to ride.

For now, I'm subway thumbing.  Lately, I've been a little stuck for things to write about.  It's a combination of being heads down on fundraising and the feeling like everything that could be said about unicorns has been said.  The current conversations in venture and startupland bore the hell out of me.  Yesterday's top Techmeme article was about the Twittee favorite button turning into a heart.

Stab me in the eye with a fork.

There's a guy sitting across from where I'm standing who could be Dave Bautista.  

Next to him is a young woman studying a medical textbook.  Her hot pink canvas sneakers and oversize denim jacket make her look eleven.

The rest of the passengers come in two flavors--staring at their phones and staring into space.

There's a lot of casual gaming going on.  I wonder if any of them have heard of Activision.

Another man standing across from me is leaning against the doors.  He's wearing a generic baseball cap pulled tightly down to his red tinted sport sunglasses, making him look a bit like igcognito Cyclops from X-Men.  If it wasn't for the flannel shirt and the beer belly he'd be perfect.

I just realized how tall the woman is next to me.  She's in flats and is at least an inch taller than I am.  She's letting her dark roots grow in for the winter.

Headgear is pretty diverse in this car.

I spot Beats, a yellow #2 pencil, a hijab, a Yankee cap, sunglasses perched high, and a crumpled knit winter cap clearly intended as fashion versus function on an unseasonably warm November day.

There's an elderly woman with bleached blonde side pony.  She's probably close to 80. 

Seriously.  A side pony.