An Investment Fund for NYC Foodies

I don't remember whether it was over a meal at Good Fork, Rucola, Martha, or maybe over an Ample Hills ice cream cone, but I've definitely said the words "Wouldn't it be cool if you could setup a way to invest in the growth of the food and beverage scene in Brooklyn--like, the whole thing.  Maybe like a fund."

Well, my friend Tom Potter, who I know as a fellow kayaker, but who is much better known as the co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, is making that happen.  I can't imagine a more appropriate person to be starting the Brooklyn Food and Beverage Circle on Circleup.  Check out Tom's cameo in this Brooklyn entrepreneurship promo video a couple of years ago at 0:50.

Circles are separately managed private funds that invest in companies on the CircleUp platform. They are intended to provide investors an alternative to direct investments in companies.  The fund will make investments on their behalf in select companies on the platform.  Circles enable investors to access multiple investment opportunities at a lower investment minimum, with no fees for investors. 

Tom is partnering with Vidrik Frankfather, who has been in the finance industry for 16 years.  He has been investing in private food and beverage companies alongside Tom for 5 years.  They will look to leverage their experience and connections to bring unique opportunities, predominantly in the burgeoning food and beverage space in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas to the investment community.

If you're an accredited investor, and you're excited about the continued renaissance in the Brooklyn and Greater NYC food and beverage world, you should check out and support this Circle.