Canned: My new response to blogger pitches.

I get on a whole host of these tech blogger lists where PR firms just spam a whole bunch of folks trying to get people to write about their book/startup/event.  It just creates a To Do in my inbox.  It's kind of annoying because I write a personal blog.  I'm not a journalist by trade so I'm really not an appropriate person to pitch in such an automated way.

To deal with these pitches, I just created a Gmail canned response:


"Hi, this is a canned response in response to your canned pitch.  You've clearly gotten my name off a list of "tech influencers" or "tech bloggers" or some such thing.  That's alright.  You're just doing your job.

If you really knew me, you'd know that I write a personal blog and don't write book reviews off of pitches, interview founders for my readers, or cover events as news.  I just write about things I find interesting.

I can, however, be a resource to you if you know companies who are looking for funding, talent looking to find startup opportunities, or fund investors looking for a trusted partner to work with on early stage opportunities.  I'm willing to speak in public to just about any innovative group and I'm happy to answer questions about entrepreneurship, venture capital, seed investing, recruiting, PR and a whole range of other things. 

I'm not, however, the appropriate person to send a "blogger pitch" to.  If you can kindly take me off of your lists for such mailings, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.