School of Self Promotion for Awesome People who Don't Self Promote

Do you have friends that have really top notch experience, are thoughtful about their industry, and whip smart?  Are they about a billion times more insightful than your average tech blogger?  Does it kill you that more people don't know them?

Unfortunately, if you look at the people who actively self-promote, it's a pretty adversely selected pool versus the pool of people who don't bother.  Usually, the people who filter themselves for a high bar of quality actually have more to share than the people who just shout in public to whoever is listening.  That means, chances are, there's usually someone in a conference audience who knows more and would be much better than the people on the panel.  The problem is, no one knows how smart they are.

I'm thinking of running a set of classes to get those people ramped up on social media and getting their name and more importantly, their experience and knowledge out their in the community--but in a specifically high quality, non-overly self promotional way.  Think of it as leadership training for capable but reluctant leaders--but I don't want people to opt in to it.  I want other people who know them well to be nominated.  So, if you know someone really great that more people need to know because of their intelligence, experience, etc. e-mail me at with an intro.  Feel free to force them into it... because we need new thought leaders and there are too many people out there that don't get a word in edgewise when we all know they have great stuff to say, and great experience to share.