The year ahead: 2011

This year, I’ll attend my 10 year college reunion. 

My oldest friend, of 25 years, is getting married.

My parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

I will be competing in my third triathlon and aiming to break 2:30—10 minutes faster than 2010.

I will start the year on the board of a yet to be announced investment and as an observer on four other companies.

My softball team will be coming off back to back championships looking for a threepeat.  I’m down to just one softball team and one dodgeball team, but don’t be surprised if I find another softball team to play on.

I have five trips (3 work, 2 personal) planned in the first three months—and I’ll look to plan two trips abroad. 

There will be an estimated 50+ million tablets sold in the US in 2011, and 36 million of them will be iPads—I’m likely to be a buyer at some point before I head to Strata.

There will be more smartphones in the US than feature phones for the first time.

My niece will apply to college.

nextNY, the NYC innovation community group that I started, turns 5 years old in February.

I will move to a Brooklyn apartment that is closer to the city.

I will take Parkour classes. 

I will get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. 

I will try to cook more and eat out less.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, which I help run, will be open for a full season of kayaking.

I will buy a new bike for long trips and my tri.

I will go to more Mets games this year and have zero expectation of them winning any of them. 

My schedule will consist of shorter, more focused meetings, less early breakfasts, and more time to focus on work with existing portfolio companies and my teammates at First Round. 

My class will feature less classroom time, more individual attention on students and more getting them to interact with the local innovation community. 

I hope to start building a life with someone.