Introducing Online Marketing School

Are you a business co-founder who just suddenly realized that just setting up a company Twitter account isn’t driving as much traffic as you had hoped?  Feel like you need some meat on the bones the customer acquisition strategy investors have been asking about? 

Maybe you’re a newly hired entry-level marketer who wants to learn the soup to nuts of everything you need to master to one day become the top VP of Marketing or CMO of a huge venture backed startup.

How do you run a keyword campaign?  What’s an affiliate network?  How do I improve my conversion funnels?  Should I be buying e-mail lists?

Basically the only thing we’re not spending a whole lot of time on is social media marketing—because I think as startups we tend to forget about just about every other any other kind of traditional marketing out there, or that it’s just one part of the puzzle.

Join us for this 5 session class over two weeks.  Our first speakers are Max Kalehoff from Clickable and Eric Wheeler from 33Across.  Max will be talking about how to properly resource an integrated marketing effort over the lifetime of a company and Eric will help you focus on narrowing down your target audience—and finding them. 

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June 1st - Session 1: Integrated marketing and the customer - RSVP
Talk #1: Integrated marketing: Scope and function of a marketing effort, how to resource it and adjust focus over lifetime of a company
Talk #2: Thinking about the audience--target markets, demographics, etc

June 17th - Session 2:   Search
Talk #1: Search marketing: Setting up and monitoring a keyword campaign
Talk #2: Search engine optimization

June 29th - Session 3:  Brand building
Talk #1: Recipe for a brand: Core value props, Messaging, Visuals
Talk #2: Public Relations: Goal setting and properly resourcing a PR effort

July 17th - Session 4:  The ad stack
Talk #1: The tangled ad web we weave: Networks, DSPs, Data providers, Authentication
Talk #2: E-mail, Leadgen & Affiliate networks

July 27th -Session 5: Marketing Metrics
Talk #1: Measuring the performance of my marketing engine: lifetime value, churn, engagement metrics
Talk #2: Conversion funnels and multivariate testing