Please Welcome Dave Winer (back) to New York

“Experience has shown that the next generation of startups will be born in the previous-generation startups. So by concentrating inteligence here, the network can develop and new ideas can develop, around the realities of a changing media business, which is a very different perspective from that of Silicon Valley. Permalink to this paragraph

That's why it's important that New York not think of itself as an outpost of the tech industry. It is something unto itself. The goal of the new media industry is to create the news system of the future. Not to exist as an appendage to Silicon Valley's vision of that. Permalink to this paragraph

I have chosen to move back to New York because this is where I want to be. The people I want to work with are here. The mission of New York is closer to my mission than Silicon Valley's.  Permalink to this paragraph“ 

From Dave Winer, a native and now present New Yorker.  In the last few months, I’ve met a lot of native New Yorkers who moved out to the valley years ago when that was the only place to be to build a startup.  Now, a lot of them are thinking that it’s finally safe to come home.