A Dinevore list that can get you funded: Where do New York VCs eat?

I’m a big fan of the lunch meeting—because I like food, I like efficiency, and I like the fact that there’s a scripted end.  The food is gone, plates have been removed… once the check is paid, we’re done.  I wish the end of the meeting in the office came with that obvious of a milestone.  I’m really horrific at keeping meetings from running over—especially when I’m really interested in the topic.

I’m not the only fan of the lunch or the breakfast meeting.  Lots of VCs have their favorite spots.  I asked a bunch of NYC area VCs where they like to meet entrepreneurs for breakfast or lunch and got some great responses.

There’s a cool new site called Dinevore that is all about following and creating curated lists.  I can’t wait until it comes out on Mobile.  Taking an expert’s recommend list or a list around a theme is so much more useful than some algorithmic approach to where my friends eat.  Algorithms don’t understand my mood, my price range, or desire to eat in Brooklyn as well as a well-titled curated list does.

So, I created a new list that you can follow called Places to Meet VCs.  One of the neat Dinevore features is that it captures your Foursquare check-ins so you know how many of those places you’ve eaten at before and you don’t have to go back and check it off.  You can add the whole list or individual places to your “want to try” list.  Feel free to follow my list or follow the other places I go to by following my account.