This Week in New York Tech - January 11th

If you need to replicate yourself to attend any of these events, remember:  Don't make a copy of a copy!

Tuesday, January 12th

6:30PM Agile UX at the Economist (Waitlist only)

The Economist online will share their experiences, successes and lessons learned around practicing user-centered design in an Agile development process. This includes user research and testing, Drupal-based surveys, collaborative design tools using Google docs and a Drupal-based site called Good Ideas that supports collaboration around internal bottom-up (grass-roots) innovation.

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Wednesday, January 13th

6PM Digital Somethings: 2010 and Beyond

WHO: @JennyDeluxe (Jenna Wortham, NY Times, Bits Blog), @AdamOstrow (Editor in Chief, Mashable), @DanPatterson (ABC News Radio, Blog), @RSHotel (Blog, Website), @PRNewswire (Jim King, SVP, Audience)

WHAT 2010 and Beyond - The Trends That Will Alter Media and Technology As We Know It (Open Bar from 8-9 p.m.)


6:30PM Health 2.0 NYC Chapter January 2010 Meetup

January meetup is dedicated to " enabling better care by enabling clinical staff" and we have just the presenters for that.

January 2010 Presenters:

1. YourNurseIsOn - Matthew Browning, CEO

2. OmniPACS - Francisco Parin, President & CEO


Thursday, January 14th

6:00PM: Hackers & Founders NYC Meetup #8 + Demos

This month, we'll be hosting a special format of "lightning demos" at Dogpatch Labs in Union Square before usual beer and burgers.



6:30PM: DigitalFlashNYC Networking Event on E-Readers

Kindle, Nook, Sony E-Reader, the Apple tablet (maybe?). Electronic “books” are rapidly changing the way we read information. Popular Science Magazine is developing a revolutionary way to view magazines and they want you to tell them what you think. Is this a good idea? How does this effect digital marketing? Just as the internet changed the way we could market, will e-books do the same?

Come see what the Popular Science guys have to say and give your 2 cents – trust us, they want your feedback!


6:30PM: What the RDF? ... Firsthand perspectives from Semantic Technology in action

Semantic technologies promise to change the landscape of the web and enhance the user experience. Like many evolving technologies, there remains a gap between theory and practice.

We’ll share our experience developing enterprise and consumer facing semantic search applications from three perspectives: Content and user experience, knowledge engineering and technology.