Whiny WashPost Reporter Needs to Google Better

Reporter complaining about all the work he did for a story that Gawker reblogged:

"Gawker's version of my story, headlined " 'Generational Consultant' Holds America's Fakest Job," begins by telling its readers to "Meet Anne Loehr" -- with a link to my story but no direct mention of The Post. It then condenses her biography: "Loehr is 44. She spent the entire decade of the 90s running hotel and safari operations in Kenya." That's information I got after an hour-plus phone call with Loehr and typing out 3,000 words of notes."


Funny, because I got that same information in like 10 seconds, off Anne's website:

"I spent five years as owner and operator of an East African eco-adventure safari company. Despite 9/11, SARS and other international crises, Eco-resorts was a successful tour operator. Part of this adventure included writing Kenya’s national eco-rating policies and an eco-rating manual for Kenya’s hoteliers."