Pitch me your SXSW panel

There are now over 2200 panels up in the SXSW panel picker.  It's basically impossible to go through every one of them.  You have to rely on recommendations from others or people you know.  Therefore, I'm going to help you out by making 10 recommendations.

How will I choose?  Am I going to read all the panel submissions?  No. 

What I'm going to do is to take pitches until Thursday at noon ET.  Start your engines PR people!  My inbox is open for business until Thursday. 

So send me an e-mail at charlie.odonnell@gmail.com and tell me the following:

1) What is your panel on?

2) Who is on it?

3) Why are you the best person to talk on that topic?  (Don't just feed me your bio... tell me why you're actually better than others.)

4) Tell me what I'll learn that I'm likely to Tweet or blog about.

5) Tell me why I won't walk out in the first five minutes looking for another panel.


On Thursday, I'll recommend 10 panels to vote for.  Pitch away!