My Fantasy Draft Results

12 team league, $260 salary cap and I had reserved 5 players from last year at $5 more than I was carrying them: McCann, Pedroia, Span, Galarraga and Morrow.

C    $15    McCann, Brian (C ATL)    C · DH
1B    $10    Delgado, Carlos (1B NYM)    1B · CI · DH
2B    $16    Pedroia, Dustin (2B BOS)    2B · DH · MI
3B    $15    Jones, Chipper (3B ATL)    3B · CI · DH
SS    $8    Aviles, Mike (SS KC)    2B · DH · MI · SS
MI    $1    Getz, Chris (2B CHW)    2B · DH · MI
CI    $1    Konerko, Paul (1B CHW)    1B · CI · DH
OF    $24    Holliday, Matt (OF OAK)    DH · OF
OF    $15    Young, Chris B. (OF ARI)    DH · OF
OF    $6    Choo, Shin-Soo (OF CLE)    DH · OF
OF    $23    Hart, Corey C. (OF MIL)    DH · OF
OF    $6    Span, Denard (OF MIN)    DH · OF
DH    $2    Francoeur, Jeff (OF ATL)    DH · OF
P    $3    Pettitte, Andy (P NYY)    P
P    $6    Galarraga, Armando (P DET)    P
P    $9    Ziegler, Brad (P OAK)    P
P    $13    Greinke, Zack (P KC)    P
P    $10    Lilly, Ted (P CHC)    P
P    $22    Matsuzaka, Daisuke (P BOS)    P
P    $37    Santana, Johan (P NYM)    P
P    $7    Capps, Matt (P PIT)    P
P    $6    Morrow, Brandon (P SEA)    P
P    $2    Cook, Aaron (P COL)    P
RES    $0    Sheffield, Gary (DH DET)    DH
RES    $0    Sanchez, Anibal (P FLA)    P
RES    $0    Wood, Brandon (3B ANA)    3B · CI · DH · MI · SS
RES    $0    Crede, Joe (3B MIN)    3B · CI · DH
RES    $0    Perkins, Glen (P MIN)    P


Here's my assessment:

Pros:  I'd definitely going to get a lot of wins behind Santana, Dice-K, Lilly, Greinke, Pettitte, Cook and Galarraga.   Whether or not guys like Pettitte and Cook can keep their ERAs and WHIP at reasonable levels is a question.  I could definitely win the saves category if Morrow and Ziegler pan out.   Also, almost everyone's got some pop.  Choo could be a sleeper.  Who knows...   Maybe Shef may get some burn down the stretch too.  I hope Brandon Wood comes up soon.

Cons: No real big, unquestionable boppers.  Chipper is older and an injury risk... and who knows what to expect out of Delgado.  Let's of guys I can count on for 25/80, but not a lot guaranteed for 30/100.  If Morrow and Ziegler don't pan out, I may need to find saves elsewhere.