When did your investors start using your service?

I found this neat little viral app, When did you join Twitter?

Apparently, I joined on February 12, 2007... and then about a month later, I totally got it.

This is a note I wrote to Fred Wilson... note the date:

From: Charlie O'Donnell
To: Fred Wilson
Sent: Fri Mar 09 10:44:03 2007
Subject: Do you twitter?

You should check it out... I didn't get it at first, but now that there's a group going to sxsw, I get it. Its like an OS for sms. I'd never text all the people I'm texting now...but its a really seemless way to text groups and inidividuals at the same time.

It needs to be packaged for the MySpace gen better, and also marketed to groups and conferences. I'm connected to the sxsw group and they randomly connected me to two other twitter people in a 3 person group. It can solve the prob of walking into a conf and not knowing who the heck to meet or talk to first.


What's even better...    check this out:


So basically, what we can take from this is that it takes Fred three days to act on e-mails and four months to invest