Mission Accomplished? I guess George Kliavkoff was wrong about NBC

Back in November, NBC Digital head George Kliavkoff left the company, but not without sending out a message to the troops.  In it, he cited that "NBCU has made significant strides in digital" and that he had done his job well enough that there really wasn't a need for him anymore.

After NBC (EDIT: and Fox--bad to assume both owners aren't at fault here) just forced Hulu to yank its content from Boxee--a browser built for TV that sent them 100,000 streams just last week--it reminds me of another "Mission Accomplished" speech. 

Check out the excerpts:

"I believe in my heart that this is a best time to start, run or invest in digital companies..."

Unless of course those digital companies need any content whatsoever.  Then, the practice of sacrificing virgins to the content-owning overlords may prove too costly for startups located in NYC or LA--given the rarity of chaste women in those cities.  I'm enthusiastic, however, about the potential of some Utah-based companies...

"I want it to be clear that my group does not take credit for any of these other than having helped set a tone..."

Don't blame me if this shit didn't stick. 

"...and create a culture where hopefully there was a new focus on, and understanding of, digital."

They totally understand digital.  In fact, some of them can even use it in a sentence. 

"NBCU successfully worked with ISPs and content aggregation partners..."

And by "content aggregation partners", we mean sites we own and not necessarily sites or services we plan to kick squarely in the nuts.

"These accomplishments, and many others, too numerous to mention, are an indication that a digital mindset has in fact taken hold throughout NBCU, in every business unit."

And by "digital mindset", I mean that NBCU employees have all been replaced by soulless robots programmed to do one thing... 


Help aliens destroy the world.