First Round Fridays – Deck your ecommerce halls with Monetate to drive sales

Abandoned shopping carts getting you down on Black Friday?  Pay per click ad campaigns not converting to more purchases?  Perhaps that’s because you spent all sorts of time customizing your AdWords text, your direct marketing newsletter, and adjusting the wording on your display ads, but yet you’re driving all of your customers to the same site with the same messaging and offers.

What Monetate does is to allow any site to easy and dynamically create a post click marketing solution with a single javascript tag.  You can add new content to pages, overlay content on other elements (like sale tags) and render dynamic text in creative.  Sites have shown substantial ability to boost conversion, increase revenue, and decrease abandonment.

So this way, when I find your site because I clicked on the “Hats for bald dudes” PPC link on Google, you can dynamically change all the ads to show bald dudes in hats with attractive women checking them out.

Of course, I wouldn’t be searching for that, because chics seem to dig the shorn dome, but you know, some guys out there are still doing the hat thing and haven’t fully embraced the shine.  That kind of display would certainly increase conversion of that particular customer.

I love the tagline on their site: “You work hard to drive traffic to your site. Don’t waste it.”

Services like Monetate that improve the overall shopping experience are particularly interesting to me.  I think retailers are realizing that the web allows them to analyze, personalize, and compliment their existing offerings in ways they never had before—and that if they don’t take advantage of this now, they’re going to get steamrolled.  This is the kind of technology that Amazon has been perfecting for years—and now any online seller or marketplace can take advantage of as a service. 

Obviously, I’m biased because this is a First Round investment, but if I’m selling anything, I can’t see a reason why I wouldn’t give this technology a shot.  That is, unless, you’re absolutely satisfied where your conversions and revenues are and wouldn’t want to see them increase.  If you’re curious, check out their “Lift Without Loss” whitepaper.