I don’t know who I just helped, but it made me feel good: Plugoo Randomness

[My Plugoo] [grr] how do i no if my my dog is dying
12:38 PM
[grr] she is only 4 months old
12:39 PM
[grr] hello plz i need an answer

ceonyc12:39 PM
Take her to the vet.

myplugoo12:40 PM
[grr] i done have enough money

ceonyc12:41 PM
Most vets will at least look at a sick animal for free if you really don't have enough
12:41 PM
it's worth a try... I can't see them turning away a sick animal b/c you can't pay

myplugoo12:41 PM
[grr] she breathes weird she doesnt want to move a bit and will a few days ago she took a little totsie roll out of my hand

ceonyc12:42 PM
chocolate is very harmful to dogs...you should take her to the vet

myplugoo12:42 PM
[grr] i should

ceonyc12:42 PM
Yes... worry about the money later

myplugoo12:42 PM
[grr] ok thx

ceonyc12:42 PM
no prob

myplugoo12:42 PM
[grr] will bye