Will NYC be Pittsburgh or be Detroit?

"Detroit should take a page out of Pittsburgh's playbook. In the 1980s, the state used local universities to pour funds into technology research. What blossomed was a thriving entrepreneurial community. The largest industries? Computer software, biotechnology, education and health care, all of which have held up well of late.

To be sure, Pittsburgh reinvented itself during a run of prosperity. It didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen without a tremendous amount of federal, state and local support and vision. Skilled workers who couldn't make a living in Pittsburgh moved elsewhere, to thriving cities like Phoenix and Vegas."

L A Z E R O W . COM: Will you be Pittsburgh or will you be Detroit?


So I've been chatting with a lot of local city government folks about ensuring that NYC thrives as an innovation center--and I've yet to hear how any of these plans tie into education at all.  All the governmental types are worried about money and space, but if there are no brains to feed with the money and no brains to put in the spaces, what good will it all do?