Thinking about doing a startup in NYC? I'm teaching the FastTrac class at ITAC

Starting this Wednesday night, September 24th, I'll be teaching ITAC's FastTrac course, which is a beginner's overview on starting up your own business.  ITAC has served as the Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation’s certified provider of FastTrac entrepreneurship training in NYC for 9 years.  It's not just limited to tech companies--last spring we had three bakers, a fashion line, an HVAC remanufacturer, and a nanotech company in the mix. 

The class goes for 10 successive Wednesday nights and we bring in speakers to cover various areas of entrepreneurship, like financing, recruiting, marketing, etc.

Please contact Veronica Price ( with your name, company, and phone number by noon tomorrow for more details and be prepared to come to tomorrow night's first session if there are open spots.

The class costs $1,000, a small part of which goes to pay my salary, but mostly goes to fund ITAC's associated entrepreneurial support activities.  ITAC is a nonprofit consulting and training organization dedicated to helping NYC manufacturing and technology companies with programs that increase their top and bottom lines.