How cool is this? NYC tech community FTW!

tmarman: The @shakeshack event was a resounding success - everyone thank @ceonyc again for his effort on setting of up. Go #nextNY!

vacanti: @ceonyc Best new york tech event I have been to, BY FAR. Awesome job.

dangellert: Back from basketball and a great event put together by @ceonyc. Great food and great people

jonsteinberg: @ceonyc Let me throw my kudos on top of everyone else. Fantastic event...great meeting face to face (again)

DorianBenkoil: @ceonyc It was a wonderful thing, all that Shakin' going on.

Dan121377: @ceonyc A for the event. A+ for the Hannibal Smith reference.

sachinag: @ceonyc That was great. You should be proud. Many thanks!

alexandergordon: Fun night at @ceonyc's @shakeshack and TechSet. No more talkie, time for sleepy

rauenzahner: @ceonyc knows how to set up an event. ShakeShack was a huge success and I met some really awesome people!

caroliiine: Also, big props to @ceonyc for throwing one hell of a burgerfest.

tobins: @ceonyc Thanks so much for putting @shakeshack together. Met a lot of new folks and had great discussions.

epc: @ceonyc Fantastic job on @shakeshack tonight!

christianbusch: Thanks to @ceonyc and plus other sponsors for pulling together @shakeshack! Good community event and great people

Shripriya: @ceonyc very nice job, charlie. you should be proud of yourself...

dherman76: Great job @ceonyc for @shakeshack event. Had a great time!

WayneMulligan: @ceonyc Great event Charlie!!

zarzecks: @ceonyc kudos on such a great event. Was a blast.

jasonoliver: @ceonyc great job with the event man. Let's definitely grab food sometime soon.

tikkers: Huge thanks to @ceonyc and and the rest of the sponsors for the @shakeshack event!!

whitneymcn: @kortina Good to meet you too, and @ceonyc - thanks for making this happen! Great party, though I'd expect nothing less from @shakeshack. :)

kortina: dinner @shakeshack w @navajeet @ceonyc @innonate @charlesforman @rauenzahner @jonsteinberg @whitneymcn @alexlines @ et al! back to work...

Philip_James: Great event @shakeshack, good work to @ceonyc

dam00n: @ceonyc great event fantastic kickoff to the week

CathleenRitt: Hey @ceonyc and the people at and of course @shakeshack sure know how to throw a party

Jschwa: @ceonyc seriously nice job that was no joke

innonate: @ceonyc Is. The. Man. GREAT party man. You killed it.

ronaldbradford: home after Web 2.0 NY events. Shake Shack, sponsored by and Women in Tech. Both great networking.

mylerdude: Wow! The @chimp bash at the shake shack totally rocked. NYC take note: that's how it's done.

MCholly: very goid NextNY event at (drum roll please).....shake shack! Nice meeting food and seeing familar faces

BeenVerified: Shake Shack event went great, will post pics on blog soon. Gearing up for Web2.0 Expo now...

imnoah: Good food at shake shack/nextny party. Now off to techset party

RobFarrow: Hanging at shakes shack, crowd is jumping

mknell: wow - the entire Shake Shack is shut for this...Cool :)