Free Business Plan: Ask Smart People to Blog (inspired by

I can't agree more with Andrew Kortina:

"I find my self asking many of my friends these days to start blogging or at least posting commentary on interesting web content. My motivations are partly selfish and partly altruistic.  The thought process:

I like to befriend smart people.  They have good ideas. Conversations about good ideas lead to better ideas. Geographic constraints should not prevent good ideation."

I do the same thing, with varying amounts of success.  Not every smart person in my life is going to agree to start and maintain a constant blog.  What I'd really like is a post by post blog invitation service.  If I could just ping people with questions by e-mail, and their responses could automatically wind up on a blog, that would be awesome. 

Sure I could do a lot of cutting and pasting, but it would be a lot more seemless just to have a page to send questions out to people, and have the responses automatically show up on the blog, like Disqus does with comment notifications.  Plus, you could even e-mail back the creator with a link for editing, ping them with comment notifications when people respond, etc.

The quality of such a blog would depend on the owner's ability to ask great questions to smart and interesting people.