Subway Thumbing

Its been at least a week since I've taken the subway to work. I'm leaving for SF tonight and so I'm wheeling a small piece of luggage around with me. Tonight I'll be participating in the logistics olympics, trying to play a softball playoff game at 6:30, leave by 7:40 from 148th/Riverside and be at JFK for a 9:10 flight. As long as there are no major hiccups, I should be fine--especially for August. Hopefully we put enough runs up early that I can leave 10 minutes early.

Today will be research day at work... I need to put together a clear and consice picture of what's going on in the recruiting market, what's needed, and why we're it. The nice thing is that, because it's such a lucrative market, and that it cuts across enterprises as well as consumers, it's very well covered by some really smart folks.

I thought those two people, the dirty blonde and the tan guy with the goatee, were together when they walked into the car. I guess not. Still, they're standing next to each other, hands on the overhead bar, facing out towards the window. Maybe I should introduce them to each other.

People are so oddly shaped. I'm staring down at my phone typing this and I'm noticing what is obviously my grandfather's ribcage passed on through heredity. I'm sort of barrel chested. I don't know where to go with that. I'm just sayin'.

Glen Frey just randomly came up on my iPod. This always makes me think of the Mets '86 Championship video.

What company makes all these orange and red cellephane veggie bags that all the Asians who get off at Canal St carry? Whoever it is, they have a total monopoly.

The guy next to me is reading a comic book.

This seemed like a short ride.

The woman next to me is listening to a Podcast of WNYC "On the Media". I agree with @tismoi. Very few people look happy in this car.

Kilsy just came on....hard to miss. I knew it right away. They need to make more music or tour more or do anything... very good stuff.