A Tech Blogger Daydream

What if I wrote a blog post... 

I've been reading all the right ones, following all the memes.  I've been thinking...about data portability, Facebook, the iPhone, monetization, being an entrepreneur, platforms, VCs, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis. 

I have a good theory... err... Top 10 List... that ties them all together.  It's funny, too--even has some lolcats in it.  Yup...  Everyone will be talking about "meme platforms", because that's the new Web 2.0 catch phrase I created for this post.

I'll write it from my blog publishing software, and use Zemanta to suggest links, tags, metatags, keywords, related videos, suggested articles, other books you might want to buy, people you may know, lovers you have had before, fantasy baseball free agents on the upswing, and an appropriate chardonnay to go with this post.  I will not, however, check spelling.

I won't linkbait, but I can't help but quote smart folks like Robert Scoble, Fred Wilson, Om Malik, Henry Blodget, and MacRumors.

But first, I need to tell everyone I know about it--and right away.  This is too important to wait for them to read it in their Google Reader.  I'll post it to Twitter, and Hacker News, because... well..  I'm sure there are some people I know there, too.  I suppose while I'm at it, I'll tag it in del.icio.us, Digg it, StumbleUpon it, Sphere it, Reddit... it... (allow myself to introduce... myself), Newsvine it, Share it from Google Reader, since I of course read my own feed in my feedreader, you know... just to see what the feed looks like and that it's still working, Mixx it, Furl it, Ma.gnolia it, Slap it, Flip it, Rub it down, oh no!! 

And for a few close personal friends, I may IM it to them, too, just in case they didn't get my public DiggBeg.

And then...   I'll wait.

I'll wait for the inbound links and the traffic and all the blog love... and the haters, too.  That's ok.  I'm sure some troll will comment on my Friendfeed about how I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Flame war!  Everyone will start talking about it...  The Disqus comment notification e-mails start pouring in.  I respond and respond... and sometimes I respond to my own responses, creating a small tear in the space-time continuum.  I like words that have two u's in them in a row.  Am I talking in a vacuum? 

All of the sudden... BAM.  There it is... barely perceptible in small font all the way at the bottom, but it's definitely there. 

I'm on Techmeme.

Do I post a call for more links to push it up the list?  Naa... that would be pushing it.  I can't watch.  It's too much.   I need to go do something else.  I'll go monitor the del.cio.us/popular list.  OMG I'm already #3! 


Stuck behind "100 CSS Hacks for people who still can't get shit to work in IE" and "50 incredible photos of children getting struck by lightning".

I'll never get past those.  Oh well...  3's pretty good I guess.

The real question is how many more RSS readers am I going to tack on?  I need to get to that next psychologically satisfying number...  the big 3000.   Of course, it's really just 1000 people who have inserted my feed into three different readers at one time or another but still... it's a nice looking number, no? 

Hmm... that gives me another idea.  Yes, that's it!  Tomorrow's post!

"Monetizing Meme Platforms...  ...in Second Life!"