How I play

I try to make contact and hit the ball the other way. I'm always making the turn at first looking out for even the slightest hesitation or bobble from the outfielder. I run everything out. I take big leads and extra bases. I will tag from third on a shallow fly ball. I slide in shorts, dusting off the blood and dirt.

In the field, I pencil in everyone else first to see what gap I need to fill--outfield, first, third, pitcher, even short if I have to (but I'd rather play short on turf). I won't make extra throws, but when I do rear back, get your glove up, because it will have a little extra on it. I yell "Call it!" as soon as the ball is in the air.

I eat fly balls for breakfast, but could be better at balls on the ground. I'm always positioned right, though.

As a manager, I play everyone. You show you play. I like high OBP at the top of a lineup before my boppers get up. I like teaching people to play new positions and want everyone to know where the ball is going before it comes to them. Run hard...just run your ass off every play. You don't need talent to just run as fast as you can on every play. You will hear me from the dugout whether or not I'm actually coaching the bases.