Don't call it a launch... It's an Alpha. WAY different. :)

A lot of people ask me about how Path 101 is doing.  Before today, I've basically said, "Yeah, we're building and making a lot of progress, but we have a ton of work left to do."

Today, I can proudly say, "Yeah, we're building and making a lot of progress, but we have a ton of work left to do, but if you really want to go break something, check out our siteYou can now take our personality test and explore a small subset of our public resume data."

I'm very excited that a part of what we're offering stands enough where it makes sense to send people to it.  We can also use your help with it, too!

The quiz works based off of other people's data.  When you take it, we'll match your personality to others in the system and tell you what kinds of careers they're in.  The more people we have, the better and more specific the recommendations.

So, if all 2600 of you could go over to Path 101 and take a quiz, and save it to an account, I'd really appreciate it.  Feel free to pass to a handful of people in a diverse set of careers.  Explain to them that they're part of a test group, and that the data will be much better with a critical mass of people.  We'll be pinging everyone who took the test when we've hit that mark and recommendations make more sense.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to our great team.  Alex, Jen, and Hilary have been pushing a ton of code--especially since it's really only been a couple of months since the whole team has been on board.  We'll continue to make more progress each day, releasing more features and making the ones we put out there better.  If you haven't already, you should subscribe to the Path 101 blog to track our progress.