I had a really great day today

Everything just came up Charlie today.

I had a great call with a smart investor who turns out to know one of my angels through the BYU alumni network.

I used by super amazing powers of interweb stalking to track down a Fordham grad who is an investor at a private equity firm--through his son who turns out to have had my old job at GM.  Only put two and two together because of autocomplete on Thunderbird--it matched the last names.

I got the most amazing e-mail from a new old friend--someone I'd gone years without seeing and have recently reconnected with.

My Fordham softball team won and made the playoffs in a do or pretty much die situation in the last game of the season.  I drove in three and had an outfield assist as we won 9-7.

I spoke at Ignite and apparently did pretty well...  

Funny, because when I was speaking, I noticed that the crowd actually seemed to be listening.  I thought maybe everyone had left, but the attention was confirmed by Eric and Adam.

And then I biked home and it was a beautiful night.   Everything's coming up Charlie!