NYC Needs more fields with lights

I've been playing on a few softball teams with ZogSports over the past three years, but this fall I barely got on a team.  Because only a few NYC softball fields have lights, and the three on 52nd/11th are going to be under construction, the Zog fall league had to be extremely small.  Spots for teams sold out in just an hour or two, and I didn't get my Fordham team in under the wire.  Luckily, I managed to squeeze in another team, but still, lots of people got shut out.

Field space is at a premium in NYC... frankly, every kind of space is at a premium, but places to play are few and far between, so when there is a spot, making sure there's as much access as possible should be a priority.  That should include making all fields--soccer, softball, etc, available at night, including the ones in Central Park--particularly the Heckscher fields, which are right by the Columbus Circle entrance.

It shouldn't be a cost issue.  Most of these leagues are corporate sponsored, and so you've got an audience of people who are more than willing to pay for access--especially if it meant not having to hike up to 138th/Riverside or 145th and Lennox to play a night game.

More games also adds to the local economy--it keeps people staying in the city longer, and certainly makes them more likely to go with their team out to a local bar... and for those that don't overindulge at bars, getting out to a sports game for a couple more months into the fall (and earlier in the spring) keeps them healthy and more active. 

What will it take to get more fields lit up at night? 

Let them play!  Let them play!