New goal: Meet everyone on the SA 100 List

The other day I was thinking about the NYC tech community and how most of the events I've been to lately are about up and comers, which is great, but I feel like I still have a lot to learn from those who are a lot more experienced.

So, I'm going to try to make a concerted effort to meet up with more folks that have had prior successes and try to learn from them.  Hopefully, they'll get something out of meeting me as well. 

Seems I've met about a third of the list already...  I don't know if I'll get to all of these folks (how likely is it that Barry Diller will grab a Jamba Juice with me, right?), but given the aggregate wisdom of these folks, I think it's a worthwhile pursuit.

Here's where I'm starting from:


The 2007 Silicon Alley 100 1. Michael Bloomberg - Been to Internet Week kickoff at Gracie Mansion: NEVER MET 2. Barry Diller: NEVER MET 3. Fred Wilson - Worked for 4. Alan Patricof - Met at USV while he was out gathering feedback on starting Greycroft 5. Scott Heiferman - Who hasn't met Scott? 6. Tim Armstrong - NEVER MET 7. Nick Denton - NEVER MET 8. Quincy Smith - NEVER MET 9. Esther Dyson - Met through NY Angels meetings, angel meetings 10. Bob Pittman - NEVER MET 11. Randy Falco - NEVER MET 12. Ken Lerer - NEVER MET 13. Alan Meckler - NEVER MET 14. David Liu - I really want to meet David, b/c I make comparisons between Path 101 and TheKnot all the time. - NEVER MET 15. David Rosenblatt - NEVER MET 16. David J. Moore - NEVER MET 17. Dave Morgan - Awesome guy, met through USV 18. Mike Walrath - NEVER MET 19. Jim Cramer - NEVER MET 20. Martin Nisenholtz - Met at first USV Sessions... shook hands, didn't chat long, but close enough. 21. Marc Cenedella - Met at Laurel Touby's networking breakfasts 22. Ken Bronfin - NEVER MET 23. Andrew Ross Sorkin - NEVER MET 24. George Kliavkoff - NEVER MET 25. Jeff Jarvis - Met at breakfasts, meetups, airports, SXSW, Twitter, and he's a Path 101 angel 26. Tom Clarke - NEVER MET 27. Brad Burnham - Worked for 28. Beth Comstock - NEVER MET 29. Saul Hansell - NEVER MET 30. Mel Karmazin - NEVER MET 31. Bob Bowman - NEVER MET 32. Stephen Rattner - NEVER MET 33. Lockhart Steele - NEVER MET 34. Herb Allen III - NEVER MET 35. Tom Glocer - NEVER MET 36. John Borthwick - Met at Betaworks lunches 37. Strauss Zelnick - Was supposed to meet him when a placement agent was showing his fund around and I was at GM, but NEVER MET. 38. Wenda Harris Millard - NEVER MET 39. Jason Hirschhorn - NEVER MET 40. Jacob Weisberg - NEVER MET 41. Peter Rojas - Seen him around USV and conferences and stuff, but never actually talked to.  I'll count that as NEVER MET, b/c he seems like a cool guy. 42. Sarah Chubb - NEVER MET 43. Mitch Davis - NEVER MET 44. Seth Godin - Met lots of times at USV 45. Eric Hippeau - NEVER MET 46. Jed Katz, Ross Goldstein - Met Jed at a breakfast, haven't met Ross - SPLIT MET 47. Doug Lebda - NEVER MET 48. Mika Salmi - NEVER MET 49. Sal Iannuzzi - NEVER MET (but obviously should :)  ) 50. Robert Kalin - Met lots of times through USV's investment in Etsy 51. Are Traasdahl - NEVER MET 52. New York Post Business Team - NEVER MET 53. Jeffery Boyd - NEVER MET 54. David Kenny - NEVER MET 55. David Kidder - Met a few times, but we're supposed to do lunch... Let's get that up on the cal, David! 56. Michael Yavonditte - NEVER MET 57. Jonathan Shapiro - NEVER MET 58. David Card - NEVER MET 59. Fabrice Grinda - Met lots of times, though USV, various meetups, breakfasts, etc. 60. Dany Levy - NEVER MET 61. Howard Lindzon - Howard's a cool dude... met. 62. Randall Rothenberg - NEVER MET 63. Robert LoCascio - NEVER MET 64. Jonathan Miller - Saw him speak once, but NEVER MET 65. Ralph Bartel - NEVER MET 66. Jeffrey Citron - NEVER MET 67. Laurel Touby - Laurel's great... she never remembers me when I see her, but she never remembers anyone.  68. Danny Stein - NEVER MET 69. Sascha Lewis - E-mailed, talked on the phone, never met in person, but that will happen I'm sure sometime. 70. Connected Ventures Team Met them. 71. Charlie O'Donnell - I hear this guy's pretty cool. 72. Stephen Messer - NEVER MET 73. Adam Benjamin, Roger Jehenson - NEVER MET 74. Jason Rapp - I actually think I have met Jason, but I'm not 100% sure.  Push.  75. Anthony Noto - NEVER MET 76. Jason Calacanis - Met before I knew who he was, at a Tae Kwan Do tourney...and then met several other times at tech things. 77. Steven Johnson - Met at USV annual dinner, and he took me to lunch once while I was getting feedback on Path 101.  Awesome guy. 78. Jen Chung, Jake Dobkin NEVER MET 79. Jim Spanfeller NEVER MET 80. Dina Kaplan, Joel Smernoff Who doesn't know them? 81. Daniel Klaus NEVER MET 82. David Jackson - NEVER MET 83. Howard Morgan, Josh Kopelman - Met at NY Angels meetings and on the other side of the table from Josh. 84. Bernard Gershon - NEVER MET 85. R. Michael Leo Met at a breakfast and some other tech events 86. Ben Lerer - NEVER MET 87. Sanford Dickert Another "who doesn't know..." guy. 88. Graham Hill - Met at Laurel's breakfast 89. Lindsay Campbell - Interviewed by Lindsay for WallStrip... accidentally, but still counts. 90. Roger Ehrenberg - Path 101 angel 91. Daphne Kwon - Met at USV 92. Simon Assaad, David Carson - NEVER MET 93. Robert Levitan - NEVER MET 94. Kenny Rosenblatt - NEVER MET 95. Herb Scannell NEVER MET 96. Andrew Rasiej - Met at various tech events 97. Allen Stern - Met at meetups and nextNY events 98. Richard Fernandes - NEVER MET 99. Scott Kurnit - NEVER MET 100. Amol Sarva - NEVER MET


Bonus: The Newcomers list

Ariane de Bonvoisin, First 30 Days - Met her at Laurel's breakfasts, but she's lovely.  I'd meet her again in a heartbeat.
Jonathan Butler, Brownstoner - NEVER MET
Court Cunningham, Yodle - NEVER MET
Rich Greenfield, Pali Capital NEVER MET
Darren Herman, The Media Kitchen - Played dodgeball with and against him, and he's a Path 101 angel
Mike Hudack, - Met lots of times - cool guy
Alex Iskold, AdaptiveBlue - Met several times, part of the USV fam
Michael Jackson, IAC - Never met
David Karp, Tumblr - Met...  Meeting David at the W should be on everyone's NYC tech scene todo list.
Alexis Maybank, Gilt Groupe - NEVER MET
Caroline McCarthy, CNET - She needs to play dodgeball with us... obviously met.
Douglas McIntyre, 24/7 Wall St. - NEVER MET
Scott Meyer, - NEVER MET
Betsy Morgan, Huffington Post - Just met at Laurel's breakfast
Chris O’Brien, Motionbox - Met several times
Anand Subramanian, ContextWeb - NEVER MET
Andrew Weinreich, MeetMoi - Met at USV
Nate Westheimer, RoseTech - Duh
Bryan Wiener, 360i - NEVER MET
Benjamin Wolin, Waterfront Media - NEVER MET
Jeffrey Zeldman, Happy Cog Studios - NEVER MET