David Karp sums it up perfectly: Techcrunch is "the dev community’s douche magnet."

You know, there comes a point where we have to stop calling David a "wunderkind" and just refer to him as a really smart, thoughful guy who knows what the eff he's talking about.  I think I'll just shorten that to calling him "David Karp."   Does Anyone Still Read TechCrunch? | David's Log

"After giving some thought to the future of TechCrunch, I think it might be a necessary evil. It’s managed to capture a huge amount of the negative voices in the development community. Unless they’re leaking info, their stories have no real impact on anyone’s business. And so far as I can tell, the development community, at least the brilliant folks I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with, pay no attention to TC (especially on the East Coast). Meanwhile, anytime I catch their awful writing, or feel suicidal and start reading TC comments, I’ll have to remind myself that if these poisonous people weren’t holed up at TechCrunch, I might actually have to interact with them :[ So I think I’m grateful Arrington has charged himself with being the dev community’s douche magnet."