Oh, I thought this was supposed to be real tech journalism... Silly me.

So Haterington is basically admitting that he wants to single out the Twitter team to rile them up.  What is that supposed to accomplish...  besides increased traffic to TechCrunch?

from Hey Twitter I Have A Few Questions Too

"Twitter continues to be annoyingly and constructively responsive to criticism. They respond to this post here, saying “We’re working on a better architecture.” Kind of takes the air out of the balloon when you can’t get them riled up."

I think it's pretty interesting to compare Kara Swisher's focus on the ongoing coverage of Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook--companies where billions of dollars are at stake, the future of search and the ad market, and the whole tech landscape, with Mike's continuing shoulder chip and insistance on picking on one small startup company (and a guy who doesn't even work there anymore) whose extreme popularity is causing them to face some tough technical challenges. 

The unfortunate thing is that it's causing a non-story to bubble up to the top of TechMeme.  I wish we could bury stories there, because a petty Haterington vendetta is not news as far as I'm concerned.