"We have no idea" and "Let's hope for the best": Two things you don't want to hear from Plaxo customer service when you are a paying, premium customer

I pay for Plaxo.  My premium service gets me Windows Mobile sync, which has been great, supposedly gets me LinkedIn sync, which currently doesn't work, and what I found out today is absolutely inadequate customer service by phone.

I was just trying to look up the e-mail of someone I recently connected to in LinkedIn.  It should be in my address book, because I sync LinkedIn to Thunderbird through Plaxo. 

Not so much.

Hmm... I went into Plaxo and there's not even a trace of that LinkedIn sync in my account.  It's not an available feature.  The only place the Plaxo site even has it is on their marketing pages for premium accounts.  So I call up customer service and the best thing they can tell me is "Our engineers are working on it."   I asked them how long I'd gone without this feature.  They had no idea.  That conerns me, because this is one of those things where I'm suspicious that it's more than broken--it may be that Plaxo is being blocked by LinkedIn for business reasons.  Either way, it would be nice to be told when a feature I'm paying to use and that I do actively use goes down. 

I told her I wanted a timetable of when this was expected to be fixed.  She had no idea... but she said that someone would get back to me.  I said, "Great, I expect someone to get back to me with a timetable within 24 hours, because this is a feature I'm paying my hard earned money for." 

She said, "Let's hope for the best."


"Hope for the best?"

Where's Stacy from Plaxo when you need her?  Do they have anyone else trolling the blogs?

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