10 Things You're Not Allowed to Say in the Echo Chamber

  1. I think Twitter is pretty reliable. It breaks less than a lot of the other things in our lives, like cellphones, cars, bikes, fax machines, copiers, etc. Jarvis agrees that all this burning Twitter at the stake stuff is over the top.
  2. Facebook is not a LinkedIn killer. Facebook is where my actual friends live. I do not want to see pictures of your kids just because you read my blog.
  3. I use Typepad. It works fine for me. I don't need plugins or installs or upgrades.
  4. I still don't understand how OpenID makes my life that much easier and I don't have an OpenID that I actually use. I pretty much use the same password setup for everything, except my bank account, and "Remember this password" whenever I can.
  5. Most startups, by number, don't make it. This does not mean there's a bubble. This is the way it has always and will always work.
  6. VC's are not evil. They're not the cause of bubbles either. If a business model is stupid, don't blame the person who thought they could fund it and do something with it. Give some of the blame the person to wrote it and ran it into the ground.
  7. I unsubscribed from TechCrunch because 99.9% of the companies profiled on their are not in my industry. Of course it doesn't hurt that Arrington's ego is the next bubble waiting to pop.
  8. I do not have an iPhone, nor will I ever buy one. I need real keys and don't feel the need to carress my phone to navigate the web. Get a body pillow, people.
  9. Kara Swisher is a journalist. The rest of us bloggers are pretty much hacks.
  10. Ruby on Rails is not the answer to everything. A great developer is.
  11. Bonus: 3/4 of founding CEO's should not be the CEO after the first 18 months of the life of the company. Unfortunately most of them have too much pride to step aside and focus on whatever it is they do best.