Free Business Plan: My Application Inventory

The world's leading customer service organization, in my opinion, is Google.

Where else do we turn when our favorite application gives us some bizarre error message we don't understand?

And most of the time, a forum or Google Group will give us the answer.

But what about when it's a combination of applications giving you a problem. For example, I use Sunbird/Lightning as my calendar viewer (and gcal as the underlying host) and a few weeks ago, invitations to events stopped working entirely. I add someone via e-mail to an event, and they simply don't get it. No record appears of having ever invited anyone.

I've Googled the hell out of this thing, and came up empty.

What I really need is to find out who has the same combo of Sunbird/Lightning-GCal-Provider and see if it works for them. That would really help isolate the problem. What we need is an inventory of all the software we use, the combos, etc... so I can make myself public and find others using the same exact combo of stuff. I'd put a bounty on this problem, but trolling random forums where people may or may not answer feels like a waste of time.

In fact, it could automatically plug me into all these forums to mass post this problem. So, I type my problem into one place, and it goes and finds all the appropriate places to find help, and brings them right back to me.

Now THAT would be a helpful service.