Top 10 Reasons to Date an Entrepreneur

1) Our hours are really flexible. We can meet up anytime between 11PM and 8AM. Sleep can always be rescheduled.

2) We will never come home and complain about our boss.

3) We'll pay for all our dates the old fashioned way. (Old fashioned=Circa 1999...with worthless stock options)

4) You can tell all your friends that you're dating a CEO who runs their own company. You can leave out the fact that the CEO is also the secretary, the janitor, middle management, and a web design intern.

5) Some of us have millions of dollars in the bank. Of course, it belongs to our investors, but's in the bank.

6) You get to be a beta tester of the next Google or Facebook.

7) We're good at teamwork. We have to be...not all of us can code.

8) We're not afraid of commitment. In fact, let's move in together... you know, economies of scale and all.

9) Your place is closer to my office and has more bandwidth. Do you mind if I just leave this server here? Really? Is it loud? I never really noticed.

10) Your parents will just love us... They're accredited investors, right?

Bonus: Passion: We haz it.