People over entertainment

I'm often at a loss to figure out plans for hanging out. It's not like I don't have interests--I have a ton. It's that finding the right people to hangout with make up 99% of what makes an activity fun for me. The right people, to me, make or break an event.

Therefore, I don't tend to have thoughts like, "I really want to pick up and travel somewhere" or "I reallt want to go dancing." That being said, I'll show up to just about anything, given the right crowd--dodgeball, semi-pro pillow fights, the Philharmonic, a jazz club or a philosophy talk. I'm kind of like that with Church. The community has always been more important to me than the building, so when I was on campus at Fordham, I went weekly, but now I don't really go because I'm not as connected to my local Brooklyn parish. I simply don't hangout there much and most of my friends live in the city.

So, should you ever hangout with me, while I'll always be up for doing something interesting, it doesn't much matter as long as the company is good. One of my favorite nights ever was when I hungout with a friend at the fountains of Columbus Circle. We met there, and didn't move...talked for hours, and that was it--highly entertaining for me.