ePals is looking at Doostang... How do I know? Twitter... Using Twitter for business intelligence

I subscribe to a number of different keywords using the Twitter "track" feature.  Lately, I've been moving those over to Tweetscan (Isn't it only a matter of time before Twitter integrates this themselves?  They should just buy Tweetscan.)

One of the words I subscribe to is "Doostang", because I'm curious about the company.  Alex and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Drew Carpenter last week about how our products could work together--great meeting, Drew's an awesome guy.

Apparently, I'm not the only person interested in the company.  I just saw the following Tweet:

"Doing product research on Doostang. Anybody out there have an account that can invite me? Thx!"

Who said it?

With a little googling, you get to John Rabasa, who is 4 months into his job as VP of Product Development at ePals, which is a "global community of connected classrooms".  Totally makes sense for him to be poking around in Doostang... so, thumbs up John for getting to know the ecology of your space.

Clearly, Twitter is becoming more and more valuable as a business information tool.  Has Monitor110 and InfoNgen started mining twitter for market info yet?  For anyone who doesn't think Twitter has a business model, don't think that the financial services world won't pay for a robust, SLA wrapped realtime data feed related to different companies and products. 

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